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Energy and Electric energy

Georgia has some priorities connected to energy policy, namely maximum utilization of the abundant hydro-resources. Georgia tries to attract foreign investments for the construction of the new power plants. 
The complete satisfaction of the country’s demand with its own resources, is one of the objectives of this policy. This should be implemented in stages: first, the import, and then the thermal generation replacement. 
Because of the increasing demand and high-capacity power generation there is defined main objectives of the high-capacity power generation
• Rehabilitation of the infrastructure connecting to the neighbor countries’ energy systems;
• Export of the surplus power generated in new and existing power plants;
• Construction of the new transmission lines and substations.
The government made decision to increase cross border transmission capacity in order to promote the utilization of hydro potential and electricity export. For this reason, construction of the 500/400 kV high-voltage transmission line (Black Sea Regional Transmission Line) has begun in 2010. This line connects Turkey and Georgia. Cost of the Black Sea Regional Transmission Line is 260 mln. euro. It has been financed by the International Financial Institutions, such as KFW, EBRD, EIB.  Transmission line was launched in December, 2013. The priority for the usage of the new  transmission line is given to the newly constructed power plants. Besides, there are plans to construct  the  500 kV  transmission line connecting  Azerbaijan  and  Georgia,  and  the  400  kV line  connecting Georgia  and Armenia. After the implementation of these projects Georgia will become the major energy hub of  the region.