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Products Introduction

Introduction of your company products or your business plan to Georgian companies companies without coming to Georgia, Tbilisi.

If you would like to import produced by you production to Georgian marker or to look for local partner, finding of official distributor but you cannot come to Georgia because you don't have any time, don't have needed contacts we will help you!  

On the basis of delivery of detailed information and catalogue of products (with pricelist if possible) sent by you our team will study your production in detail and will contact the segment/target group which you are interested in. Therefore, from large players existed on the market we will send you full list with detailed description and full contacts together with comments which will enable you to evaluate how actual is your interest in mentioned companies and you will be able to make important business solutions in a short interval of time on account of additional expenses and wasting of time in Georgia.

The mentioned service includes analysis of about 10 companies.

Price of this service is 2.100 GEL (EURO 690) + 18% VAT