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In Georgia cars are mostly shipped from china. Georgia is not producing cars itself. There are five-six leading brands on the automobile market presented in Georgia. Companies who are offering auto service, mostly are dealers.

Several companies offer the full range of auto products and services to corporate and retail customers. Companies include diagnostics and repair of light and heavy vehicles, autobuses, construction and specialized equipment with the help of specific and authorized programs. 

One of such company which is nowadays a leader in the sphere of automotive products and service in Georgia got through 22 years of success and it is also successfully presented on the Transcaucasian market. It has around 24 branches throughout Georgia and up to 250 000 registered retail customer, more than 34 000 corporate client, more than 1500 workers and 7 daughter companies. It has become a holding company with partnership contracts with over 300 worldwide acclaimed brands. Company is serving up to 1000 vehicles daily.

Despite nowadays Georgia is not focused to produce cars, it has a big potential to be one of the car producer too, as it has some old history in automobile producing. There is one truck factory located in west Georgia. The factory has history and traditions dating 72-years already. It is the one of the oldest companies. The plant was established on the basis of the former automobile factory, which functioned since 1945. First Georgian motor vehicle "KAZ 150" got off the assembly line in 1951.

Throughout history, factory produced 8 model of the truck auto and 3 model of the trailer. Between them, off-road 4 × 4 formula dump auto-train trucks KAZ -4540 + GKB 8535, which was launched within the so called "Food Program", after the reconstruction and re-equipment of the plant for the production of over 20 000 dump trucks per year.

Today mechanical and foundry plants operate at the factory having the capacity to perform the mechanical processing of cold stamping, thermal processing works, founding various size parts, produces the production of different designation. In addition, factory can offer a wide range of agricultural machinery and equipment, locally produced motto-blocks, large-capacity tractor plows, harrows, construction and gardening carts, electric heater parts as well as the guarantee services for the provided products.

Thus, there is a big opportunity and big potential to invest in automobile sector in Georgia, because country has some interesting history in this sector and there are not many competitors on the market nowadays, especially in automobile producing, you can become top first on the market.