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Perfumery and cosmetic

The market of perfumery and cosmetic is one of the most dynamically developing. There is a wide range of products on this market, and the most important feature of this market is the appearance of new types of goods with various consumer properties.

As much as nowadays the perfume and cosmetic market is quite saturated with products, it is characterized by high competition. Customer's requirements are the main to be focused on in such circumstances.

Every day, it is increasing an interest in perfumery-cosmetic products, that are aimed to the aesthetic perfection of human being face. The demand is increased perfumery-cosmetic and hygienic drugs which are used for medical and prophylactic purposes and are made from natural ingredients.

According to the facts, third millennium of the mankind is distinguished by rapid turn of the society toward the raw materials of ecologically clean natural origin, such as medicinal plants and medical and preventive preparations manufactured on their extracts, which on frequent occasions are able to compete with synthetic expensive preparations. The necessity of medical plants’ use in medical and preventive preparations is established based on the analyses of the wide range of activity of the leading world perfumery and cosmetic companies’ activity and the variety of represented assortment.

Georgia has a rich and diverse flora. By predicting the use of medicinal plants, the country can produce a new type of perfumery-cosmetic products. For this it is necessary to revive production, create a competitive assortment range and introduce new innovative technologies that require scientific-experimental research on the technical aspects of natural resources and processes.

On the market of Georgia mostly there is imported cosmetics and perfumes from various states, while the share of local produce is insignificant.

At present there are preconditions for the growth of cosmetic products. One of these preconditions is the possibility of selling cosmetics through pharmaceutical networks.

As much as, on the market of Georgia mostly pharmaceutical companies are importing the cosmetics, hygienic products and distributing them throughout the whole Georgia.

Georgia's perfumery-cosmetic market is saturated with products from different countries (USA, France, Italy, Israel, Turkey, etc.). The share of local produced perfumery-cosmetic products is insignificant. Only one perfumes-cosmetic factory is producing very small range of cosmetic products (around five products).

Georgia can have a huge economic benefit from the production of new type competitive cosmetic products, that can hold its niche on the market. It is necessary to development recipes and technologies of a number of new perfumery and cosmetic products using the principles of cosmeceutics and biologically active components of flora and mineral resources of Georgia. There is a huge possibility of usage of mineral resources and number of plants from flora of Georgia for development of new recipes of cosmetic creams, tooth pastes, tooth elixirs, cosmetic powders with therapeutic and preventive effects.

The analysis of study and application of medical plants available in Georgia (thyme, calendula, violet, St. John’s wort, oak bark, peony, soybean, achillea, chelidonium etc.) and their extracts, shows that there is a huge possibility of receipt and reasonable use of medical and preventive preparations manufactured on vegetable extracts.