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The Georgian main pipeline system has been functioning since 1959 when the first main gas pipeline Karadag - Tbilisi was implemented in Transcaucasia. At the initial stage in Georgia 500 mms diameter and 50 km long pipeline was functioning from Red Bridge to Tbilisi. Gardabani, Rustavi and Navtlugi gas distribution stations were in operation. In 1963, Orjonikidze-Tbilisi 700 mm gas pipeline was put into operation, which allowed Georgia to supply natural gas from two independent sources - from Russia and Azerbaijan.
In 1967-1968 700 and 800 mm in Karadag-Tbilisi and Orjonikidze-Tbilisi parallel pipelines were implemented. 
Since 1979-80 in Georgia it has been operating 1000 km of Kazakhstan-Saguramo 89 km, and from 1988 1,200 mm North Caucasian-Transcaucasian gas pipelines.
Since 1969 has been functioning Saguramo compressor station and since 1980-81 Kvesheti compressor station. Georgia's gas pipelines are used to transport natural gas for Georgia's objects and to performe transit services for Armenia. The main gas pipeline is operated by Kazbegi, Kvesheti, Saguramo and Terjola Treasury Operating Branches.
Georgia's main gas pipeline system consists of 9 gas pipelines. Including the North Caucasus - Transcaucasia, Kazakhstan - Saguramo, Karadag - Tbilisi, Vladikavkaz - Tbilisi, Saguramo - Kutaisi, Kutaisi - Sokhumi, Rustavi - Telavi - Zhinvali, Red Bridge - Tsalka - Alastani and Gomi - Khashuri - Bakuriani.