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Solar energy

Because of the geographical location of Georgia, the emanation of the Sun is rather high. There are 250-280 sunny days in a year in most regions of the country, that is approximately 6000-6780 hours per year.
Radiation of the Sun varies depending on regions from 1250-1800 kw-hour/m2 annualy, while the average sun radiation equals 4.2 kwh/m2. The total annual solar energy potential in Georgia is estimated to be 108 MW, which is equivalent to 34 thousand tons of standard fuel. 
The heating systems based on solar energy became very popular in Georgia in the last years of the 20th century. It should be noted, that Eastern Georgia is sunnier than in Western Georgia. Using the solar energy in Georgia it is possible makes to get 40-500C temperature water.
In the villages of mountainous, geological parties, scarcely populated regions, military conditions, shepherds, telecommunication stations and emergency conditions the solar energy transformers are an optimal solution.