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Food processing in Georgia

More than 100 new types of agricultural crops and cattle have been created in Georgia, tens and new competitive products of food and processing industries have been developed to provide resource saving technologies and technical means for one-year and perennial crops; Up to 50 new cars and techniques have been designed in Georgia for tea care, picking and processing mechanisms and industrial technologies. More than 300 copyright certificates and patents have been obtained for all the above mentioned. It should also be noted that from the 23 varieties of wheat in the world Georgia is a homeland of 14 varieties. Georgia has the same position in viticulture, winemaking (vines, fruit varieties) and etc., which even may not has analogous in the world.  

A number of campaigns have been held in the country to popularize the products produced in Georgia. For the development of the industry, the government started the program "Produce in Georgia", which included financing of primary agricultural and agricultural products processing and infrastructure industries. The program started on June 1, 2014. 
It should be noted that the number of small product processing companies have increased during the past years. The reason for this is the business environment in the country, encouraging the sector in various forms and the fact that the local market needs still to be developed. Also, there are several dominant companies producing products in Georgia, which are currently on almost every supermarket’s or hypermarket’s shelves.