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Market Entry Service and Market Analysis in Georgia

In order to solve your business complex issues and to promote your business development, we offer you a wide range of services Market Entry Service and Market Study in Georgia.

Companies entering foreign markets might face problems because a barrier to market entry is an obstacle that requires a clear understanding of local market, culture, regulation, language etc. Our professional team will help you that greatly reduce such obstacles. So If you would like to penetrate new market, successfully establish your company or find a reliable local partner on the Georgian market, our experienced team will provide you strategic advices, market research and relevant advisory services.

So when making big changes the most important is to study those circumstances existed in the market which are connected to enlargement of business or to finding of new partner / distributor in Georgia, in order to better define risks, expenses or incomes.

Correspondingly, our experienced team in Tbilisi will help you with all matters concerning georgian market research or market entry, this includes all points starting from planning of your visit ending with meeting and transportation of wishful for you partners.

More concretely, we are offering you tour type services which include the following questions:

Market Reseach
Products Introduction
Market Entry
Local Representation