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Geothermal energy

Georgian geothermal water reserves reach 250 mln m3 per year according to modern hydro-geological studies. 
At present there are more than 250 natural and artificially water channels, where geothermal water temperatures ranges from 30-110 C, and the total debit reaches 160 000 m3 per day and night. These water channels are grouped into 44 deposits.
Out of these 3500 sq.m. there are bore-hole wells with the water temperatures of 85 C and more. Over 80% of geothermal deposits are located in western Georgia. In the Zugdidi -Tsaishi geothermal area, there are now 9 productive, 7 reinjection and 3 observation bore-hole wells which are considered to be exploitable.
It is known, that there are two independent horizons containing thermal water on the deposits from which we can obtain up to 30 000 m3 thermal water in case of reinjecting per day and night.
The main port city in Georgia - Poti could be supplied with geothermal water through the Kvaloni and Menjisi water deposits.