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Sights of Georgia

In order to achieve the goals, it is necessary to offer high quality, various tourist products and the best impressions, that needs to focus on the following aspects: 
Georgia has an unique and rich culture (music, dance, art, history, religion, large number of international and local cultural heritage monuments, among these three are in UNESCO's "World Heritage List "and two of them are in "intangible cultural heritage List "); Georgia has huge traditions and history of winery Georgia is one of the oldest wine regions in the world and winemaking is deeply ingrained in the culture of the country. The oldest archaeological remains related to grape seeds and winemaking dating back 8,000 years have been found in Georgia, while today the country has over 500 varieties of grape, thus Georgia has the status of "homeland of wine";  41% of Georgia's territory is covered by forests. There are 87 protected area in the country, including 11 national parks. That makes it possible to create world class eco, skiing, cycling, mining, adventure, recreational and other tourism development in Georgia; There are many interesting services for tourists in these protected areas. Specifically boating tours, sport fishing, eco-educational tours, biking, hiking, birdwatching, horse riding, safari tours. Georgia is a home to about 5,601 species of animals, including 648 species of vertebrates. Many of these species are endemics. 
Thus nature tourism in Georgia attracts campers and trekkers from around the world. The mountains of Svaneti - Shkhara and Ushba, and Mtsketa Mtianeti - Kazbegi and Saint Stephen, are world famous ecological wonders. In one of Gurian village is a mountain, which is called Gomi's mountine, which is above the clouds and is a favorite among Georgian nature lovers. In Kakheti region there is a protected semi desert area, which is called Vashlovani National Park, that is one of Georgia's most unique and biodiverse regions. The resort towns of Bakhmaro, Bakuriani and Gudauri attract ecotourists in the summer months due to their myriad nature activities. 
The Black Sea Coast is well known for its semitropical beauty, Batumi Botanical Gardens in particular.  Adjara seaside is with the subtropical climate, 21-kilometer long coastline, the warm sea of 21-29 Celsius on average, comfortable atmosphere and distinctive nature. Even in the coldest month of the year – January, the temperature doesn’t go lower than +7-10 degrees which is why you may visit seaside town Batumi at any time of the year. Batumi features several casinos that attract tourists from Turkey, where gambling is illegal.