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Wine production in Georgia

Why should we know Georgian wine? Because it's perfect!

The French, Italian and Spanish grape varieties are considered as classical European ones, but the Caucasus region, where Europe and Asia cross each other, is recognized as homeland of wine.  
The popularity of Georgia is associated with the ancient technology of wine making in “qvevri”. This pottery clay is in the ground. Georgia has 8 thousand years history of wine making.
About 500 varieties of vine are in Georgia. The main region of wine is Kakheti, though winemaking is spread throughout Georgia.
Around 195 wine companies are functioning in Georgia. Some of them are selling not only in Georgia but in the Caucasus region and in European countries.
Georgian wine is exported to Russia, Ukraine, China, Kazakhstan, Poland, Belarus, Latvia, China, Poland, Great Britain, United States. The absolute leader of sales is „Kindzmarauli“. The top five also includes: "Mukuzani", "Akhasheni", "Tsinandali", "Khvanchkara". The most common in the USA from import of Georgian wine is "Rkatsiteli", "Green Saperavi " and "Red Saperavi". 
Most Georgian wines have something that does not have other wines. Its taste counts the centuries, and the smell is of ancient origin.