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Medical sector

As a result of governmental strategy of privatization of hospital sector, multi-profile hospitals with modern equipment are built fast and replacing old hospitals with new ones.Pharmaceutical business is one of the largest private employer in Georgia. About 272 hospitals are functioning in Georgia. Number of outpatient and polyclinic institutions is approximately 2369. About 27,4 thousand doctors (main staff) are employed in Georgia.

Almost all hospitals in Georgia are in ownership of private investors. Almost 40% of hospitals in Georgia are owned by insurance companies, 30% -owned by individuals, while 20% are owned by different types of companies.
The largest pharmaceutical companies on the insurance and hospital markets are becoming more active. 
Mostly in pharmaceutical sector there are importer companies acting in Georgian market. Germany, France, Russia, Italy and Turkey occupy major places of imported medicines (according to manufacturer countries). The export of medicines is about 5 times smaller than the import. There are several exporter and re-exporter companies from Georgia too. For example, one of the Georgian factory produces about 150 medicines for various groups and exports to around 11 countries. But generally there are few Georgian companies, which are producing medicines. Mostly medicines are imported in Georgia.