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Logistic and warehouse

Georgia has a highly strategic and important location in the key destination of the Silk Road, which historically played a major role in the development and relationship of Europe and Asia. The fact, that Georgia is a reliable corridor for addressable flows between Caucasus and Europe and between Central Asia and Europe, sets a significant geopolitical role to Georgia. Thus, there exists a growing interest towards Georgia, as a geo-economic attraction center, in both regional and international arena.  
In accordance with the favorable geographical location, Georgia has the opportunity to perform a key role in the transit corridor to induce deep integration of its transport and logistics system into international logistics systems, thus to contribute to the overall economic development of the country. Taking into consideration this, Georgia's Social-Economic Development Strategy - "Georgia 2020" determines the following directions of the policy to maximize transit potential: 
• Improve transportation infrastructure and development of logistics centers; 
• Promote investments in the field of energy, transport and logistics, strengthening cooperation between the state and the private sector; 
• Formation of competitive environment and development of information systems; Integration into international and regional transport systems.