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Georgia is one of the countries that can find its own niche in the EU market. European companies are increasing the export of cosmetic products, and in order these companies to have enough cosmetics, they need ingredients, and this is the niche that is interesting for developing countries. Georgia has the opportunity to become a provider for European companies. 
According to specialists, the global market of organic cosmetics will grow by 9,8% annually to 2020 and its value will reach 16 billion USD.
Production of essential oils and cosmetic ingredients in Georgia was one of the most successful activities in years ago. Georgian products were popular both on the local market and beyond the boundaries. As it turned out, trade relations between Georgia and Europe are counting tens of years.
One of the factories, which mainly was producing essential oils, was opened in 1932 and was functioning until the 90s. Georgian products were sold successfully from the Soviet Union to England, France, Bulgaria and Romania.
Nowadays there are several companies in Georgia that produce similar essential oils and cosmetic ingredients. As for cosmetics companies, the market in Georgia is mainly operated by companies that are distributing many famous perfumery brands in Georgia.
Georgia has a great future in the direction of medical tourism. One of the competitive directions in medical tourism is plastic surgery.
Plastic surgery is a very popular and progressive direction in modern medicine. The number of people who wish to do plastic surgery increases from year to year. Clinics offer different types of services and payment methods to patients.
This direction of surgery is quite popular in Georgia and therefore, several leading aesthetic surgery clinics operating activale.
Their main function is to make people beautiful. Each clinic offers to clients different services and payment methods. Consumers are addressing to them mainly for plastic operations with several esthetical procedures.
According to statistics in Georgia, the highest demand is for rhinoplasty and it this service is offered by companies too. Liposuction and breast enlargement are among the most common operations for body correction. As for the prices, it depends on the noses and on the complexity of what needs to be done, according to which prices range from 3000 GEL to 4000 GEL. The breast enlargement worth up to 6000 GEL.
With medical tourism, Georgia has a beg potential in recreational tourism. 183 recreational resorts are registered in Georgia. It is noteworthy that there are all kind of medical resorts in Georgia that exist in the world.
One of the most important is the balneological center in Tbilisi. It is noteworthy that such center is only in Tbilisi and in Budapest.
There are about 2000 mineral springs in Georgia. The wealth and diversity of mineral waters allow patients to cure many diseases, such as metabolism, endocrine system, gynecological and other diseases. It is considered that mineral waters cure different diseases faster than the medicines. The influence of mineral waters is more increased if it is accompanied by air of mountains, sun rails and the greenery around. 
Georgia's mineral waters are the most common. Such waters are used to treat various disorders of the digestive system.
The spa town of Borjomi, 150 km (93 miles) west of Tbilisi, developed by Tsar Nicholas in the 19th century as a spa town, produces much acclaimed mineral water. It is possible to hike in the surrounding hills. 
Resort Tskhaltubo is located in the west of Georgia, in the ravine of the river “Tskhaltubo”, in 7km from Kutaisi, in 250 km from the capital city of Georgia - Tbilisi and in 70 km from the Black sea. The resort is located at 95-120 m above the sea level. Mineral water of Tskhaltubo has become a symbol of healthy life for a long time. That is why such unique gift of nature is called "Water of Immortality". The healing properties of Tskhaltubo waters are famous from ancient times. Nowadays modern medical equipment gives us a possibility to improve treatment results. Also, Tbilisi sulphur baths which are located in a domed are very good for health, Kvareli is known for wine spa, Sairme and Likani is known for various kinds of mineral water treatments. 
Development of resorts in Georgia started in 19-20 centuries. During this period, development of tourism process started in Borjomi and Abastumani and later in the late 19th century on the Black Sea coast. In the Soviet times Georgian resorts were recognized as one of the best medical destinations.
The majority of Georgian tourism agencies, despite the great potential of the country, do not have a wide range of medical tours’ offers for tourists. Infrastructure needs development and it is also necessary to advertise. Balneological and climatic resorts are mainly located in highlands, where infrastructure needs to be more developed.
Based on the above, in parallel with the settlement of these issues, the medical tourism will develop more in the country, while Georgia has the biggest potential in this sector.