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Wind power

Georgia has an important wind energy potential. In Georgia it is able to annually generate 4 billion kilowatt-hours.
Territory of Georgia is divided into four zones according to the natural energetic potential:
1. A high speed zone - mountainous regions of Southern Georgia, Kakhaberi Vake and the central region of Kolkheti Valley. The working duration period is more than 5000 hours per year.
2. A low speed mountain range effective exploitation zone - Gagra mountain range, Kolkheti Valley and Eastern Georgian lowlands.
3. A partly high speed and low speed zone - the Mtkvari gorge from Mtskheta to Rustavi, Southern part of Javakheti, Black Sea line from Poti to Kakhaber Vake. The working duration is 4500-5000 hours per year.
4. And a low speed mountain range limited exploitation zone - Iori Zegani and Sioni water reservoir. 
In Georgia the rest of the mountain ranges cannot be used for exploitation by wind power stations.
Wind energy currently has the most competitive energetic technology. Scientists estimate that the share of wind power stations in the world energy will reach 10% by the year 2025.
In 2007 the MOU was signed between the Government of Georgia and the Georgian American company “Karidani” on the construction of 24 MW wind plant in the suburbs of Tbilisi Sea. The cost of the project is around 24 million dollars.