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Mechanization for agriculture

In recent years, Georgia has been intensively importing various firms’ agricultural tractors, which are distributed according to regions without regard to strategic development of agrarian sector. In addition, most of the tractor existing in the regions is not equipped with the corresponding agricultural machinery, for which the average annual load of tractors does not exceed 500-600 engine hours when the average annual load of tractors in developed countries is 1600-2000 engines.
Before, several organizations of engineering profile served to improve the perfection and periodic renewal of the agricultural mechanisms.
Based on the theoretical and experimental research by these organizations, the world's first tea carriages and other technical equipment were created, that was awarded by state premiums. So there is a rich tradition of scientific-design work in the field of agro-engineering in Georgia.
Currently, all the above-mentioned engineering profile organizations are actually canceled, financing for research works are limited. 
In the EU countries there is a rich experience of development of agriculture, while in the countries like Georgia (Denmark, Norway, Israel, etc.) the Ministry of Agriculture includes scientific-research institutions, based on recommendations of which are defined the management of agriculture.
With respect to the specificity of the country, it would be highly recommended to establish a scientific-practical center (a combination of several scientific-research and engineering organizations) in the field of agro-engineering of agriculture, which will carry out the functions of scientific research, machinery design, manufacturing, testing and setting norms for work.
There are some companies acting in Georgia, which are providing services in agricultural field and selling mechanization for agriculture.

The core directions some of these companies are to serve with Agricultural techniques, to inform and consult producers of agricultural products and farmers; to implement a modern technologies in producing of agricultural products, to prepare soil sowing and further works. Some of the companies are able to offer service in agricultural supervision to landlords who live in regions of Georgia. Also consults in: pesticides, high breed and high quality seeds, new technologies and implementing new cultures. They are capable to serve landlords in agro-terms around regions of Georgia, also providing automat plugging on time, with high quality during Spring and Fall. Also sowing, working out with herbicides, cultivation, harrowing, add mineral fertilizers and on-time harvesting without loss.

Some of the companies are actively importing and supplying agricultural techniques in Georgia. They are actively acquainted with the world's current trends in the agricultural sector and constantly offering innovations to local customers. Companies’ suppliers are the world's biggest manufacturers of agriculture machinery. Some companies’ priority field is viticulture. This is why some of them have its own showroom and service center in Kakheti region, where is especially developed wine producing.